Welcome to the new Mignori website!

We have been hard at work at working in our apps and our websites, and this website is one of those.

We know you think this website looks worse than the other one. And aesthetically speaking, you may be right! But we chose to Migrate to this website for a few reasons:

  • It’s not Wordpress.
  • We have more control over the themes.
  • It’s built using Hugo.
  • It’s much faster, lighter, and responsive than the other one. Specially friendly for mobile devices that don’t have unlimited data and tiny screens.
  • It still gets the job done!

Also, a very important feature:

It shows you that we are still working in the app! Since we bothered to upgrade our website, it could just mean we have bigger plans in the works, right?


Mignori 3.0 will adopt a bunch of iOS 13 features and there’s big plans for the future. I wish I could tell you more, but I have to keep my mouth shut for now. In the meantime, monitor this website for updates on development of the app, and join the Beta while slots are still available.