You are seeing what Mignori 1.0 used to be.

We are now working on Mignori 3.0. It’s not on the App Store yet, but you can join the beta.

The best image board browser (-booru browser) for iOS!

Easily search for images using Tags. Tags can be anything.

Mignori uses the common Tags system to search for images in -booru boards. Just search for anything you want. Fancy some Naruto images? Search for the naruto tag. Fancy Card Captor Sakura? Search for the card_captor_sakura tag.

Tags don’t have to be series names. They can be character names or anything that describes a character. green_eyes and brown_hair are valid tags. Anything that can describe or reference a character, is a valid tag.

View Images. Painlessly.

Mignori comes integrated with the best photo browser library available for iOS (MWPhotoBrowser). This makes it possible to easily view and load images in Mignori.

When you’re viewing an image, you can slide your finger to the left or right to go to the previous or next picture respectively. Pleasant if you want to relax while enjoying some anime imagery.

This screen also provides some information about the image, such as its size, so you can also browse for Anime wallpapers using Mignori. Easily and painlessly.

View. Share. Explore.

Tap the action button to the bottom right corner of the image viewer to bring in a menu. With this menu you can share images with your friends, posting directly to Facebook, Twitter, or simply emailing them and sending them via messages.

You can also save the image to your camera roll, or add it to your in-app collections. If that wasn’t enough, you can also explore the tags an image has, so you have can get ideas of what tags to search for next. Tap in the tags you want to search from the image, and you’re ready to go.

Keep Your Favorite Images Organized

If you find any images you like, but you don’t necessarily want to save them in your camera roll, you can add them to Collections. Collections allow you to sort your favorite images from within Mignori.

Save, organize, move, and sort your collections as you like. Mignori will keep track of them. To make things better, when you add an image to your collections, the image data will be preserved. You will be able to access its Tags without having to look for it again.

Mignori Pro allows you to create Nested collections.

Collect All Related Posts At Once. With A Few Taps.

We all have our own favorite anime series or videogame, and we look for images for them. Now Mignori allows you to batch-collect all posts with a Filter at once.

Do you want to batch-collect all posts tagged as “Nagi As Asukara”, but don’t want to collect each one manually? Now you can. Create a Filter, give it conditions (tags, ratings, etc), and Mignori will grab all the posts that match the Filter from the server you’re currently using.

Here’s To The Forgetful

Mignori includes a search-history feature to help you remember the last 50 searches you made. Found a great tag in a post, saw some great images, but you don’t remember what the tag was? Mignori does.

Never Lose Your Favorite Tags.

You can write down your favorite tags in the Tags tab of Mignori so you never loose them again. You can add tags manually, or directly from an image you have open in the search page.

Not only can you save them, but you can also select and search for multiple tags from within this page. So you can search for your favorite features at the same time without having to type them again.

You Don’t Have To See What You Don’t Want To See

Mignori provides a lot of control over the exposed content to the user. Mignori doesn’t show NSFW content by default, but if there are even more things you don’t like, you can blacklist them.

Blacklist as many tags as you want. Do you like short_hair? No? Blacklist. You can blacklist as many tags as you want so you only see the tags you care about.

Let Mignori Keep Your Collections Organized

If you want to have your collections as organized as possible, Mignori can help.

A lot. By creating Filters, you create criteria that Mignori should use to save images automatically, either to your collections or to your camera roll.

Do you want Mignori to save all the posts that have the green_eyes, brown_hair, and long_hair, that come from the Safebooru server, in a collection called Favorite Images and in a Camera Roll folder called Fave Anime? It can. Simply tap “Filter Through” in the posts you want to save and Mignori will choose what to do based on your filters.

Do Not Limit Yourself

Mignori comes with a SFW server included by default, but you can add more servers easily. Let Mignori fetch images from almost anywhere you want.

Keep it in Sync

If you have more than one iOS device and you purchased Mignori Pro, you can keep them in sync thanks to Dropbox.

Mignori will keep your collections, filters, tags, and servers in sync across devices, so you can pick it up wherever you left it.

Keep Your Information Safe

If you purchased Mignori Pro, you can create a backup of your collections, filters, tags, and servers and move the backup archive to your computer. If you do not want to use Dropbox Sync, this is an alternative to keep your data safe in case of disaster.

You can create various archives and keep them in your computer. Mignori will be able to restore any backup archive as long as you purchased Mignori Pro.

Keep it Away from Curious Eyes

If you purchased Mignori Pro, you can enable a 4-digits lock screen. The user must put in the right password whenever the app opens to proceed. Mignori cannot be used if the passcode is not put. If you have a lot of curious friends, give this feature a go.

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