Mignori is a Booru Image Board browser for iOS. It features many features from basic search all the way to app style customization.



The most basic feature you can expect from a Booru website. In Mignori, you can search using the familiar tag system you already know, and Mignori supports the tag systems for different Boorus. For most Boorus, multi-word tags are separated with an underscore (such as card_captor_sakura), but it can also search in systems were tags are separated with commas.

Also, Mignori stores all tags it finds in posts locally to source its autocomplete feature. Never forget how to write those complex tags again.


Save Your Tags

You can save your favorite tags in the app, and you can organize those tags in categories, along a description. This allows you to keep tabs on your favorite tags, and to add new ones as you see fit.


Booru Support

Mignori supports every major Booru software out there, and it's known to work with a lot of existing sites.


Fully Themable

The app is fully customizable and you can apply themes. It has both dark and light themes, and new themes will be released periodically once the app is published to support development.


Change the App Icon

Further expanding customization options, Mignori allows you to change the app icon. What's more, other than the included icons, each theme will include at least one matching icon for your homescreen.