If you would like to use, test, and help improve Mignori before it hits the App Store, feel free to join the Beta program. The Beta program is open to anyone, runs on TestFlight, and it’s open to the public. If you are interested, sign up now, because we have limited slots for beta testers and the program will close once we reach our quota.

There’s a few rules you must follow to join this program.

Beta Program Rules

You agree to not share screenshots or other information about the app to people who are not beta testers for Mignori 3. The only approved way to talk about the app is by going to the #mignoritesters channel on our Discord server.

This app is a beta and it is to be treated as such. While we encourage you to report issues on our Discord or contacting us using the Contact Us page on this website, there are some issues that are going to persist until the app reaches the App Store. We pay attention to all bug reports, suggestions, and other comments, but know that we have a line of priorities that we may need to tackle first.

In the same vein, the app is currently incomplete, and it only has the most basic features. If you used Mignori 2 or even Mignori 1, this may come as a surprise. Most features found in older versions of the app will be implemented again at some point.

Information you store in the app is subject to and will be affected until the app reaches the App Store stage. Expect to lose all your saved servers, saved tags, and other kind of information stored in the app on each Beta release.

Information you store using the app to other apps (i.e. saving an image to your camera roll) will not be affected.

Beta registrations may close at any time with no prior notice.

Mignori 3 beta may aggressively log usage analytics, even more than standard apps. We need to understand how you use the app and if you are experiencing crashes. We will NEVER log personal information that can be used to identify you. You agree to not block, spoof, or modify the app in any way to get rid of the analytics logging. This is currently no implemented, but it may be in a future update.

By joining the beta, you agree to give us permission to e-mail you for purposes related to the app only. We will not send you spam, advertising, or any content that is not related to Mignori. We may send requests for opinion, ask you if everything is fine, surveys for the app, news, and notices regarding the app.

The rules of this program may change at any time with no prior notice. Check this page frequently.

Joining the beta program does not imply that you will get to use the App Store version for free, although you will be able to use the beta versions (until they expire) even after the app hits the App Store. Promo Codes may be awarded to the most dedicated testers at the developer’s discretion.

We deserve the right to terminate you from the beta program for any reason at any time and with no prior notice, including but not limited due to breaking these rules, you are not using the app enough, you are not installing the newest betas, or you are a problematic community member. We do not have infinite slots for beta testers, so if we deem it necessary, you will be removed to give your slot to somebody else.

Please ensure you read and understand the privacy policy of the app.

System Requirements

You need an iOS device, preferably an iPhone or iPod touch. iPad is supported but in “blown out” mode (proper iPad support will come later). There are no plans to make an Android version at this time.

Your iOS device must be on iOS 11 or above. There are no plans to make it work on earlier versions. You must be willing to update to iOS 13 after it launches to the public. The app will be supported on iOS 13 and above.

By joining the beta program, you agree that you are 18 years old or older. You may need to share some private information with us at some stage, but we will never ask for anything that can identify you (for example, we need to verify your Apple ID when you request access to the #mignoritesters Discord Server).

Sounds good? Don’t wait any longer!

Sign Up Instructions

To sign up for the beta, follow these instructions:

  1. Join our Discord server.
  2. Find the channel #mignoriinvitationrequests
  3. Read the pinned post at the top, and grab an invitation.
  4. Send a message to the #mignoriinvitationsrequests channel saying you have installed the beta app. Someone from the team, either the developer, an administrator, a moderator, or a helper will assign you the “Verified Mignori Tester” role. You need this role to access the beta discussion channels.
  5. If you are having problems with the beta, you may be asked for your Apple ID to be added to the program manually.