Hi everyone!

We are aware Gelbooru is suddenly broken in Mignori.

This is because Gelbooru has closed their API indefinitely “Due to abuse”. We have no idea if it was the collective use of Mignori with Gelbooru that prompted them to close it, or their API was used by many other people apps. Gelbooru is, after all, Mignori’s most popular supported server.

Unfortunately, because we do not run Gelbooru, we have no idea when is the API coming back up so we can consume it.

In the mean time, please take a look at the list of alternative servers you can use with Mignori until Gelbooru’s comes back up:


Unfortunately, because Mignori stored the API URLs of posts in collections, Gelbooru posts seem to be broken. As soon as Gelbooru’s API is back up, your collection items from Gelbooru should become visible once again.

We are not the only app that is having problems with Gelbooru: We tried other Booru apps for iOS and they seem to be broken with this particular booru as well.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope Gelbooru considers to bring up the API again sooner rather than later. Although like we said before, we do not run Gelbooru, so it is not up to us.