Hey everyone!

Like you may have noticed, using danbooru.donmai.us on Mignori started working strangely a few weeks ago. Our developer has been looking into the issue, and it turns out it is not a simple thing. Our developer had found many issues and tested work arounds to make Danbooru work fine but there were more and more problems and the App kept crashing.

Danbooru does work with Mignori, but it cannot search for images with “paid-only tags”. By paid only tags, we mean that there are some tags can only be displayed if you paid to have your Danbooru upgraded. Searching for “normal” tags works fine.

Our developer had the following to say about this issue:

Problem: It looks like Danbooru doesn’t have an md5 in all the posts.

I have no idea why. Some tags return md5 in their post dictionaries. Others do not.

I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that danbooru.donmai.us doesn’t allow
people to view certain tags unless they get a paid account.

So why would they do this? With their API, you can (could?) view all the posts and all the
tags, no matter if you’re using a paid account. Maybe they did this small change
to break clients that “break these rules” and render them useless. I did hear
a lot of software that uses danbooru.donmai.us’s API was broken at around the
same time Mignori stopped working with it. These other programs use the md5 to,
for example, rename files to the hash when they are downloaded. So it’s very
likely this change was intentional just to screw that kind of software.

Mignori relies on MD5 for almost the same purpose. It stores the md5 so Mignori Box
can use it to rename the files to the appropriate hashes.

But MD5 is not the only missing thing. Actually the results don’t have the actual post
URL, and neither do they include a preview image URL. So even if we got around the “no md5”
issue, there would be nothing to display because the actual URLs don’t exist in the results.

Our last hope would be test with a paid account, but unfortunately we have no such thing.

So we are asking our users, does anybody here have a paid account they can lend us for a few tests? You will be placed in the Credits and Thanks page and will be properly credited for letting us use your paid Danbooru account to do further testing. Please contact us at shoujo@mignori.com if you can do such thing for us! We would paay for one ourselves, but our resources are scarce, and it would be a waste to get a paid Danbooru account just for a tiny test we may never need again.

In the meantime, Danbooru works with limited tags. Fortunately, Gelbooru pretty much has the same content as Danbooru and Gelbooru has no limitations. Still, we would like to get this fixed so we don’t have to exclude any boorus out of our servers page.

Thank you for your time!