Hi everyone!

We wanted to write about the upcoming Mignori update. Mostly because thing aren’t going mostly as planned, but we want to release this new version right away.

We wanted to simply update Mignori to 1.3.0 to support iOS 8, but we have found many problems in doing so. Many people are reporting problems with the current Mignori on iOS 8 and our crashlogs are not lying. For this reason, we are going to rewrite Mignori from scratch.

The Not-So-Good

* The upcoming Mignori will support iOS 8 and above only. We hate doing it this way but internally there’s many APIs that break when using them on iOS 8 but work fine on iOS 7. The best viable option to get this to work is by making Mignori support iOS 8 and above only.
* Support for Dropbox Sync will be removed. Not many people are using this feature and it’s a hard feature to maintain.

The Good

* Support for iCloud will be added.
* Mignori will now be an universal app! And because it will has iCloud, you will be able to keep Mignori in sync with all your iOS devices!
* Touch ID to unlock the app will be added.
* A Today widget with your favorite tags will be added, so you can lunch Mignori from whenever and be ready to search!
* And possibly more!
* If you paid for Pro, you will keep the pro features. Mignori will be rewritten, but everyone who paid for Mignori Pro will keep the pro features.

Because rewriting Mignori is a big project on its own, we’re also looking for Beta Testers. If you want to beta-test the app, please contact us via our Contact Form and we will set you up instantly (you will need to have iOS 8 installed).

As usual, send as your feature requests and we will try to include them in the final release!