As the development of Mignori 2.0.0 advances, we want to tell you that one of the most important goals is to make Mignori compatible with as many -Booru and image boards as possible. This is one of the reasons Mignori is being rewritten from scratch. It won’t be possible to support all existing boorus out there just yet, but we can work to ensure compatibility with many of them.

For example, we managed to fix the issues with Gelbooru and managed to add support for Derpibooru. Yay! Although Derpibooru’s support is currently experimental, we are hoping it will be official by the time Mignori 2.0.0 hits the App Store.

So, to work in our goal to make Mignori compatible with as many Boorus as possible we need the help of everyone who uses Mignori. What Boorus do you use that are not listed in our Servers page?

We have found ways to make some Boorus that are marked as unsupported work in Mignori 2.0.0. Theoretically, any Booru that offers an API has the potential to work with Mignori. If you have any boorus that are not listed in the aforementioned page, please let us know! You can leave a comment here, or let us know in our Facebook, Twitter, or via the Contact Us page on this page (or sending an e-mail directly to shoujo[at]mignori[dot]com).