Hello everyone!

We are temporarily closing requests to join our Alpha and Beta testing teams. The reason is that Mignori 2.0.0 will have full support for iOS 10, and our current codebase is for iOS 9. We are working on migrating our entire codebase to be iOS 10 only, and it is a little bit problematic to keep both builds of the app (the one for iOS 10 and the one for iOS 10).

So until iOS 10 is officially released to the public, we will not be taking requests to join our Alpha and Beta teams.

The people who have requested access in the past 3 weeks should be getting access really soon.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for us to say when exactly we will take requests to join our pre-release teams again. Even after iOS 10 is officially released, we will need time to finish moving the rest of the code to work on it properly.