Hi everyone!

Now that Mignori 1.2.0 (and all early versions) have been removed from the App Store, we realise we should allow more people to have early access to Mignori. As per this post, we want to do just that.

The TL;DR of that Blog post is:

We are running two pre-release programs for Mignori:

The Alpha program will release builds very often every time a new build is finished. Alpha builds are not considered stable, and in the Initial Development Cycle (all versions released prior to Mignori 2.0.0 that are labelled as Alpha), this means that you will loss your Mignori data very often. Alpha builds are also incomplete – Not all features are complete. But this program has its advantages: You can work closer to us to help us iron as many bugs as possible and to suggest features directly to us, and you receive builds very often. We strive to push Alpha builds of every version in development every week (but it’s not always the case). Alpha builds will be released via Crashlytics, a tool that gives us a pre-release version to get it to our testers without using Apple as an intermediary, so the moment we receive a build, you get a notification and can download it.

The Beta program will release builds when we consider they are ready to be downloaded by everyone, but we want to be confident on the build and so we give early access some users. In this program, you just use the app normally as you always would, and then report any problems to us. Often Beta releases are the ones that will be released to all end users. This program will run on Apple’s TestFlight service, so we are at Apple’s mercy and they need to approve the app even for beta testing. When we submit builds they will not be available to you instantly.

To reiterate, when we start working on a new version of Mignori, either major or minor (no matter if we are working on Mignori 2.0.1, 2.1.0, or even 3.0.0), Alpha testers will always receive the builds first. Once we consider the development of a given version finished, we will release the same builds to Beta Testers. And once we determine the app is fine, it will be released on the App Store.

How to Join.

To join, just Contact Us! You can contact us on Twitter (@MignoriApp) or Facebook (/MignoriApp). You will need to give us a valid e-mail address in case of the Alpha program, and a valid Apple ID in the case of the Beta program. You can also contact us via the Contact Us page on this website (link at the top), or sending us an e-mail directly to shoujo[at]mignori[dot]com. If you send us an e-mail, we will add that e-mail to the testing program so please contact us via the e-mail you want to use, or let us know in the message’s body.

There are some limits we have to put in place, due to limitations on Apple’s side mostly:

The Alpha program can have at most 15 people. We still have some slots available so we recommend you act fast if you’re interested.
The Beta program will be limited to 50 people, but we can adjust this limit on demand. At the time of this post, This program hasn’t been opened yet as Mignori 2.0.0 is still in the Initial Development Cycle, but you can show interest in joining the program now and we will list your e-mail. When we are ready to release the first beta, you will receive an e-mail asking you if you still want to participate in the Beta program as to not waste slots in case you are not.