Hi everyone!

Firstly, we want to thank you all for always supporting Mignori and emailing us your questions and suggestions! Also your problems: Solving the problems you have with the app is very, very important for us.

After the app was recently updated, a few users have told us they love the batch-collect feature. We are really glad you do! It’s one of our favorite features too!
But also, some have reported problems with the app, specially with collections, when they get too big. (it’s very easy to have big collections with this new feature after all!)

When you have many items in your collections, any collection-related operation seems to take a very long time to execute. This includes adding items, removing items, creating sub-collections, or simply opening them. If you have many items in your collections, you’ll notice a very noticeable lag in the app. Sometimes even leading to a crash.

This is because Mignori currently stores all collection-related data in a single file. This file acts like a list of posts and sub-collections, and if it contains hundreds and hundreds of posts, it will open slowly, and sometimes it will load so much data the app will crash due to a memory pressure problem.

To solve this problem, the entire collections system needs to be rewritten. The good news is our dev has been working on it almost all week long on it and it’s almost complete. The core features of the collections system have been rewritten. The way Mignori syncs collections to Dropbox has been rewritten as well, but this is giving us a few problems to get right and we are tweaking it and testing it heavily. We are having a few technical difficulties with this, but in the past few hours there has been a lot of progress in the Dropbox Sync feature.

From now on Mignori will store collection-related data differently. It will create collections as folders, and the posts will be lists of files. This will help not only with the bugs with big collections, but also with the overall performance of the app when dealing with collections. The difference should actually be noticeable.

This will lead us to create a new feature. If you have used Mignori Box in the past, you know that it needs the collections file to download them and send them to you. Because Mignori will no longer have this file, we need find a way to generate it.

We appreciate your patience! We have been working almost non-stop on this important update. Sadly our dev is having finals so this adds extra strain to his life, but he hasn’t stopped working on this even under those situations, so the update shouldn’t take long months to go live!