Hey guys! This isn’t a big release, but it is an important release none the less!

New Features

+ (Pro Feature) Export For Mignori Box. Because the entire collections system has been rewritten, the archive you export via settings no longer includes a “user_collections.json” file. This file is needed to use Mignori Box. Instead of including it in the backup, we now give you the option to generate it with the app itself. This also simplifies the process of using Mignori Box a bit.
+ Collections now show the number of items and sub-collections they contain.

Bug Fixes:

– Collections act buggy, sometimes causing the app to crash, and more.

* The way Mignori handled collections previous to this release was very simple, but it did cause problems later on. Mignori used to keep track of collections and posts in one huge file. But because of very noticeable issues with big collections that caused Mignori to crash and slow down Collection-related operations by a lot (taking 3 seconds or more in old devices), the entire system has been reworked and has been rewritten from scratch. Collections now have a very different filesystem related to them and they no longer cause the app to crash, your phone to heat up, or years to execute collection-related tasks. It is as speedy as it should be!

– Attempting to save a server with no API URL crashed the app. This has been fixed.
– Fixed bug that prevented the Tab Bar from showing the icon of the page it was selected.
– Fixed the occasional crash that happened when you used the photo viewer in your collections.
– Tapping the action button when viewing pictures in your collections would occasionally crash the app. This has been fixed.
– Partially fixed: When searching for posts, the app would occasionally crash. It’s hard to pin-point the exact cause for this crash without user data, so if you experience buggy performance on some servers, please let us know.

Misc. And Tweaks

% Importing an archive now replaces the contents of Dropbox (if the user has linked a Dropbox account).
% When creating a Filter from a collection, the tags field and Filter name will be automatically populated by the Collection name.
% Added more autopopulating servers.