Hey everyone! Mignori 1.1.0 is being released today and it has been improved over the previous version, by miles!

Mignori 1.1.0 At a Glance…

New Features:

+ (Mignori Pro) Batch-collect all posts at once! With this new feature you can use your existing filters to grab ALL the posts in a server that match the filter and add them to your collections with a few taps!
+ Search History, for those whho tend to go back and forth to certain searches.

Bug Fixes:

– Tapping the “I don’t understand these settings” button when adding or editing a new server, Mignori crashed. This has been fixed.
– Danbooru crash has been “fixed”, in the sense it doesn’t work, but get a message instead (this is danbooru.donmai.us’ fault and there’s nothing we can do about it).
– Fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to create collection names that already existed in the root collection, even if they were unique in subcollections.
– Searching for tags that had special symbols other than alphanumerical characters, underscores, and dashes, caused some troubles for the app, and the workaround was to manually encode the characters when searching. This has been fixed.
– Some boorus were not working properly. Specially boorus that returned a .json response, they loaded the same content for the first two pages you tried to load. This has been fixed.

Misc. and Tweaks.

% Tweaked some UI inconsistencies, particularly places where buttons were blue when they should have been white. In some places the text cursor had to be blue but it was white. This has been fixed.
% Added an Attribution section in Settings to properly comply with open source licenses.
% Every 5 runs, Mignori would prompt the user for their Apple ID. This behavior has been removed.
% You can now see the version of Mignori you’re currently running in Settings and by scrolling down to the bottom.
% When tapping the “Contact Us” button in settings, Mignori will open the mail composer view if possible instead of opening the Contact Us form on our website, to make contacting us a little bit easier.
% Anything that has tags (except for blacklist tags) now has a magnifier glass icon to the top, to make searching for your favorite tags or post tags a little bit easier and faster.
% Tweaked the lockscreen a little bit, so it shows up when you’re using iOS’ app switcher.
% You can now create Filters when viewing a posts tags, to make creating Filters a little bit easier. To do this, simply tab Tags when viewing an image, select as many as you want, then tap the Action button and tap Create Filter.
% Collections are now sorted alphabetically, to make them easier to find.
% Mignori now remembers the last collection path it saved an image to. Adding posts to your collections should be much faster and easier now.
% If two posts have the same md5, and you try to add them to the same collection, Mignori will skip the duplicate, helping you keep your collections clean.
% You can now access all the contents from the FAQ by going to Settings &rt; FAQ. Scroll to the bottom to find it.
% Auto-correct was enabled when adding new servers. This has been disabled and the keyboards have been adjusted for all those textfields.
% When browsing sub-collections, you can tap the Action button to show an option to copy the collection path to your pasteboard.
% If you add the name of a known server, Mignori will populate the server data for you, making it easier to add some servers.

Finally, remember that we introduced Mignori Box a few weeks ago – You can use this free service to download all your connection to your computer easily!

If you have any questions or problems please let us know! We tend to respond back ASAP.

Detailed Description of New Features

This is a big update. Many things have changed, from bug fixed to tweaks, from tweaks to two new features. The interface is a little bit different so we thought you’d like to read a detailed description of everything that is new.

Filters Are Much, Much More Useful Than They Ever Were – Now Introducing Batch-Collect.

In previous versions of Mignori (1.0.0 and 1.0.1), Filters were pretty limited and not entirely useful. If you liked to have your collections organized, you could create a filter, and test every post you add to your collections against that filter to place it automatically where it belongs. Filters now have an extra purpose. You can still use Filters for that, but this release’s major feature is that now you can create filters to batch-collect many posts at once! If you want to add all posts with a certain tag to your collections, now you can with a few taps only. You still create filters in the same way you did before, but there are a few things you have to do a little bit differently to use Filters to batch-collect.

The first thing you will notice once you update Mignori is that the main screen (the “Search” tab) now has an extra button called Batch.

Batch Button

When you tap that button, Mignori will open the Filters page that you know from previous versions of the app. If you don’t have a Filter for what you want to download, you can create one there. Create the filter you want, what tags should be included, excluded, their ratings, what collection to store the posts to, or anything else you want, and your Filter will be ready to use for Batch-download. From the Filters screen, you can tap any filter you want to execute. Mignori will ask you if you’re sure about the operation (downloading and executing the Filter can take a while if the tag is found in many posts). Then Mignori will do her job:


In the screenshot above, we tapped the filter called “Nagi No Asukara (Anime)”. The Filter only grabs posts tagged as “nagi_no_asukara”, and it stores them in the collection path “/anime/Nagi No Asukara” that we created before hand, so when we go to the Collections tab and navigate to that path we will find ALL the posts tagged as Nagi no Asukara! We can save a lot of time collecting posts this way.

Note that it is not recommended you specify a Photo Album name to save the photo to. If Mignori has to download the photos to store them in your Photo.app, it can take a very long time to finish executing. To save your collections to your computer, we recommend you use Mignori Box. Another limitation is that you can’t specify various servers. Filters that are being used to batch-collect will only execute on the server you chose in the Servers screen. The Servers Filter field is ignored when batch-collecting.

Mignori Remembers What You Searched For, So You Can Search It Again Painlessly.

Another thing you may notice when you open Mignori, is that the “x” button in the Tags search field has been replaced by a different button. This feature was added because many people have common habits of repeating searches, so it’s some sort of Enhancement to our Tags system. Tapping the button will open your Search History. Tapping a search will do that search again.

Search History

Mignori will remember up to 50 entries, and they will be synced with Dropbox if you enabled Dropbox Sync in settings.

That’s it for major features! Throughout Mignori you will see a few UI changes, but we planned not to change too much to keep it familiar. Amongst other changes you will notice is that everything that shows tags (except for Blacklist tags), now has a Magnifier Glass icon. This is to make it a little bit easier to search for tags with one tap less.

Collections in general have been greatly tweaked and improved. Collections will now show up in alphabetical order. Previously Mignori showed collections in the order they showed up, and this made it hard to find some collections in sub-collections that had many collections together.
Another change is that tapping the Action button brings two new options. You can now copy the Collection Path of a collection directly. You can also create Filters from within collections. This will populate the Collection Path of the filter to the path you’re currently in. Previously creating Filters in Mignori required you to manually write the collection path. This is no longer needed as you can create Filters directly where you want to save posts.

Creating Filters altogether is less of a pain now. Other than making it easier to fill the Collection Path you wanted to save posts to, you can also create Filters from tags. Open a post, choose the tags you want to include in the Filter, tap the action button, and create New Filter. The Tags area will populate automatically with the selected tags. If you do this from a post in your Collections, Mignori will populate both the collection path and tags. You can take a much shorter time creating Filters now.

That’s it! We are really happy with this new release and we hope you’re too! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us either via this page, sending an e-mail to shoujo@mignori.com, or sending us a message/tweet/or anywhere else where we are present!