Like you know, the way Mignori keeps track of posts in collections is by creating a list of posts you like, with links to retrieve them, instead of storing the images themselves. By storing collections this way, the amount of data Mignori uses on your phone is really, really small. You can have thousands of posts in your collections, and the most space Mignori will use is a few Megabytes. It is a very effective system to let you have everything you want without wasting space on your phone.

But what happens when you want to take your actual posts and store them as images in your computer or someplace else? You’d have to download all your collections manually messing with Mignori’s internal files. Mignori Box to the rescue!

Mignori Box is our new little service to help you get your Mignori collections to your computer. It sounds simple and yup, it is THAT simple!

How does that work? To download your Mignori posts to your computer, we have written this little web tool to do it for you. This is a web tool, which means that you don’t even have to have awesome internet in your house to use it – Mignori Box will download your Mignori collections and send them to you!

To use Mignori Box, you need to log into it with Twitter. The Twitter integration is just there to help us with the authentication process. We will not do anything with your Twitter account without your permission. We will not post tweets or follow users. Your account is just used to log into Mignori Box and nothing else.

Once you log into Mignori Box with Twitter, you need to finish your registration by providing a valid e-mail address. We will not sell your e-mail or spam you to death with it. Your e-mail is required so Mignori can notify when your collections are done downloading. That’s the most e-mails Mignori Box is going to send; notifications of completed downloads.

Finally, select whether you want to have your collections e-mailed to you or uploaded to your Dropbox account. If you choose to have your collections uploaded to Dropbox, Mignori needs to have access to your Dropbox folder, but Mignori will never upload anything other than collections to it. Mignori Box will create a folder called “Mignori Box” inside your Dropbox “Apps” folder, and this folder is the only thing in your Dropbox Mignori will have access to. Mignori Box cannot, even by art of magic, access the rest of your Dropbox account.

If you selected to have your collections uploaded to Dropbox, Mignori Box will upload a zip file with all your collections ot the “/Apps/Mignori Box” directory in your Dropbox.
If you select to have your collections e-mailed to you, Mignori Box will send you an e-mail containing a download link for your collections. Clicking the link will download a zip file with all your collections. Please note that, with this method, your Mignori collections file is going to be on our server for 72 hours only. This is to prevent the Mignori Box server from running out of space very quickly. If you wait too much and your file is deleted from the server, you can simply use Mignori Box again to download your collections.

This is a newly released products so bugs and the like are to be expected. Please let us know if you find any troubles while using Mignori Box! And as usual, contact us if you need anything else.

To start using Mignori Box, visit: