Happy holidays, guys!

Despite Mignori missing the release date again, I’d say it has been a great year for the app. When I launched the public beta, I saw a pretty nice influx of interested users to test the app and also had some free promotion out of people talking about it (sadly, very few of those users have joined the Discord, but they use the app and provide feedback via e-mail). I have also managed to meet the few of you who are active on Discord and have had some fun times, specially on weekends.

My plans for 2018 are to improve this Mignori community so we can get more weebs join us, and of course, to release the app. I have always wanted to have a small community of people with common interests, and those of you who are active at the same time as me have kept me happy. I enjoy seeing your images in #picture-spam and the general chit chatter we tend to have when we get the chance.

Other than wishing you all happy holidays, I want to discuss my plans for the app as well.

I’m considering “splitting” the release of the app in two major releases in 2018. This also means that I will split the cost of the app in half for each release (those of you who are active, use the app, and are testing it don’t need to worry about the price).

The reasoning behind this is the following: The current app is already pretty powerful as it is, and it’s really time to release it already. Mignori 1 was published in the App Store in 2014, pulled in early 2016, and Mignori 2 which was supposed to replace it started development in that same year, but was scratched halfway through, which took us to Mignori 3. It’s been years since Mignori was last in the App Store and I’m sure people, myself included, want to see it there already. As soon as I implement the new photo browser and redo the theme engine, the app will be usable for thousands of people already and it will be ready to hit the App Store.

At the same time, I really, really want the collections feature to be complete as well, but the work to be done for that part is much bigger, although it’s not an essential feature for the app to work. Many of you have asked me why the Collections feature is so important. I still cannot talk too much about it, but if you have used Apple’s Photos.app with Smart Folders, you can have an idea of what I’m trying to achieve with it. I have said time and again that this will be one of my favorite features, and I really need to pay a lot of attention to it. It will take a while to implement correctly. I’m sure many of you will love it as much as I do by the time it is complete.

So, to summarize, if everything goes according to my (tentative) plans, 2018 will see the following:

– Mignori 3 in the first quarter of the year. I will tackle the majority of the issues that are currently in the Issue Tracker for this release.
– Mignori 4, which will have the major feature Collections, somewhere in the second half of 2018.

But I will have recently paid for one, and you want me to pay for another one!?

That is the point of splitting the price of the app in half. This will actually be good for many of you, because if it turns out you are happy with Mignori 3 and you have no intentions of using the Collections feature, then you will only pay half the price I originally intended and you will not need to buy Mignori 4. If you decide to upgrade to Mignori 4 later, I will offer both versions of the app in an App Bundle to be able to offer a discount to those who bought Mignori 3.

Here is another thing: The release of Mignori 4 will not mean Mignori 3 will be abandoned. Both apps will share a lot of code, and both apps will receive most new minor features and bug fixes as well. Mignori 4 will receive everything Mignori 3 gets, and it may receive some additional features, probably mostly related to Collections.

If they will share a lot of the same code, why can’t Mignori 3 receive the Collections feature?

My initial evaluation of the Collections feature tells me that the technical challenges justify having it in a different app. I am actually still evaluating this, so the contents of this post are up to debate.

The only thing I can tell you is that I WILL fight with all I can to publish Mignori 3 in the first quarter of 2018. Whether the Collections feature will come in Mignori 3 or Mignori 4 is still up to debate. I have been exploring the best way to implement Collections for months, and sometimes I have literally dreamed about the damn thing, so it’s still in the back of my head all the time. Ideally, I want to publish one app only, but my experience working with iCloud (which is integral to the Collections feature), tells me that reintegrating all that into an existing app will be a challenge.

I hope you all have great holidays. See ya around!

– Andy