It’s been a couple of hectic weeks for me, but there’s some things I can report regarding the development of Mignori 3.0.0 despite the fact that I have been caught by other things in real life.

#1. It is now easier to join the Beta Program.

There is now a TestFlight link so you no longer need to contact me directly if you want to be added.

#2. Tester Limits.

I am formally limiting the number of available beta slots to 100 people, with purges being more frequent. There’s currently 59 testers, with 18 candidates to get purged, so you are still on time to get on the program.

#3. App Updates.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work much on the app since August due to other responsibilities, but iCloud Syncing is working fine in all the areas it’s been implemented so far. Everything left is to work on the last feature that I want for the initial public release, which is Collections (and iCloud Syncing for them). Once I get some of more time back (unfortunately as a freelancer dev, I have to take on other projects if my own apps are not selling well), I’m hoping to finish this before the end of the year, and hopefully publish the app by December or early 2019.

Thanks for your patience guys. Despite the seemingly slow development progress, there’s actually a lot that has been done. I cannot stress how happy I am with iCloud Syncing because it somehow just works. A lot of effort was put into that, even though the feature is not available to beta testers yet.

– Andy
Mignori Developer