Hello everyone.

I have seen some people that were worried about the development of the app, because the app is not on the App Store yet, like I had planned on a tentative goal, and because there hasn’t been a blog post since December.

This post is to put you at ease because the development on the app has not stopped, although it has slowed down a little bit due to the fact I am graduating college soon. Hopefully everything will come back to normal in the upcoming months.

I decided to just release Mignori 3 with all the features I had in mind instead of spreading them into two major versions. This is why the app was not posted to the App Store in April despite it having the wanted features for the tentative release.

I’d say development of the app is about 70% done. The remaining features will be finished in the upcoming months. Also with WWDC right around the corner, I have a little bit of hope that they will introduce some APIs to simplify the implementation of a specific feature. If not, I will just have to do some extra work.

That said, you can still join the Beta, and Beta builds are still being pushed to testers. But also keep in mind that, due to the amount of people that are joining the beta, I’m also starting to more aggressively prune those who are not active. This is good news, because it ensures there will always be beta slots available, but it also means you will be pruned if you don’t use the beta builds.

Have a great day! And I hope this post puts some minds at ease.

– Mignori Developer