Hi everyone!

We investigated the Gelbooru issue a little bit and we have the following information we got from this thread in the Gelbooru site.

  • Gelbooru’s API WILL be modified to deal with abuse. One of the administrators stated the following:

    We are working on updating the API to prevent future abuse. It will be some time until this happens though[…]

  • Your Gelbooru posts in your collections are safe! They do not load right now, but that is thankfully an easy fix for us.

    For the technically inclined, Gelbooru enabled blank referrers. Mignori sends blank referrers at this point, so to fix this will simply set the referrer as the server URL.

  • It looks like Mignori is not to blame for Gelbooru’s API abuse. A moderator said:

    Downloading favorited posts is fine. Since a user must initiate the action every time (by favoriting the post), we don’t really consider it an automated process. I was more referring to continuously scraping whole tags or the site as a whole.

    Mignori does not scrape Gelbooru so we may be out of the hook.

  • We are trying to talk to get our API access back earlier, before they re-enable the new API that prevents abuse.

It is important to note that it is not too feasible to release an “emergency” version of Mignori that patches these issues. Sadly the codebase is not easy to work with and a lot of the code doesn’t work anymore (Mignori was developer for iOS 7 originally after all)