Hi everyone!

First, we want to apologise. We wanted to launch Mignori 2.0 in March, but sadly it wasn’t possible due to time constraints and technical challenges on our side. The good news is, we are ready to resume work on Mignori 2.0!

In this post we want to talk about Mignori 2.0, Mignori Box, and Developers.

Mignori 2.0

Let’s start talking about Mignori 2.0.

What happened?

One of the most important reasons we couldn’t start development on Mignori 2.0 was because we couldn’t find a solution to the usage of custom Boorus, such as Derpibooru. Mignori is currently prepared to deal with exactly two types of Boorus, and adding a Booru site that didn’t “match” any of those Booru types, wouldn’t work with the app.

Technically, most Booru sites return results in XML, JSON, or in some cases, both. Because most Booru sites are using pre-existing software as a backend of their websites, they could seamlessly work with Mignori as they are consistent with their XML and JSON response formats.

But then, we heard about a Booru none of us has personally ever used: Derpibooru. Derpibooru didn’t return images in the XML or JSON formats Mignori can work with, because it is a custom booru site, and so Derpibooru didn’t work. Mignori would crash trying to parse the response returned by Derpibooru. This frustrated our users, and it frustrated us, too.

We didn’t want to release more updates because we didn’t want to add a bunch of stuff to the app, while still leaving users of custom boorus in the dark. We, as the people who built Mignori, enjoy and love anime (and everything that comes with it πŸ˜‰ ) a lot, too. We have our different tastes in anime, and we also like to search for images of our favorite series. We thought that, if we were using highly specialised booru sites, we would hate it if our favorite app got many feature updates without adding support for our favorite image boards, as we wouldn’t be able to enjoy those features at all.

If Derpibooru was the problem, why didn’t you just write a parser for Derpibooru?

Improving Mignori’s parsing logic to support Derpibooru would actually be an easy thing for our developer to do. But this would raise many other challenges, and all of them have to do with custom Booru sites. If we had to write a parser for every custom Booru site that isn’t using a pre-existing Booru software, Mignori’s codebase would grow unmanageably large, the code would be chaotic, and in turn, finding and patching bugs would be much harder for us to do (in software development, this is called technical debt) – Adding new features would also be harder, as it would be hard to poke our code with a 10ft pole!

The Solution

The solution involves other developers. We cannot talk much about it right now, but the solution involves open-source, and both budding and passionate developers. πŸ™‚

We will give more details about this in the near future.

Mignori Box

Mignori Box will unfortunately be discontinued soon. We have no ETA for this, but we cannot guarantee support for it anymore. Very few people are using this service and it’s costing us extra money a month to keep it running. We want to release desktop downloaders for collections, but the idea is in its very early stages of development.


The developer community of any hobby is really important. In the upcoming weeks or months, we will talk about how developers can help Mignori grow without touching its source code.

We will also try to document the way Mignori stores collections on a device. We would love it if developers could also write tools to complement Mignori. You could write a collections downloader for any OS, or maybe even a collections organiser. It’s up to your imagination!

If you have ever saved your Mignori backups on your computer and extracted the archive, you have seen that it is just a bunch of directories that contain JSON files (as of Mignori 1.2.0 – Mignori 1.0 stored all collections in a single file and that hurt performance a lot if collections grew significantly). That is basically the gist of it. You can open these files to explore them, and try to write a parser or interpreter to use them.

Exporting For Mignori Box generates a simple JSON file that you can use to download collections with Mignori Box. We just put the content of all collections together in one file to make it easier for Mignori Box to download.

Finally, Mignori Box will be open sourced and hosted on our developer’s Github Account. This will happen when we officially kill Mignori Box. You will be able to host Mignori Box yourself or use it locally. Not to mention building on top of it.

In general, our developer cares a lot about other developers, so we want to make it possible for developers to contribute to Mignori’s development, even if they can’t see Mignori’s Source code themselves.

We are really excited about the future of Mignori, and we are really happy we finally found a solution to the Custom Boorus dilemma. πŸ™‚

Wrapping Up

As usual, feel free to send us your ideas your ideas for Mignori. We will try to add the best features for the 2.0 release.